Wednesday, January 30, 2013

8 months and counting

Saturday we "celebrated" our 8 month anniversary.  And by celebrated I mean we both remembered it was the 26th of the month and talked about ways we could spend it.  I guess we aren't as sentimental as some people.  

We spent the weekend up in Phoenix seeing a few of my friends in town from Utah and a few of Jay's med school buddies.  Jentry wins to prize-we spent our 5 month anniversary up in Phx and our 8 month anniversary in Phx and went rock climbing both times with him while his wife was working.  

Happy 5 Months
Jay and Jentry.  For some reason we didn't take a picture of me with Jay. I think my phone died. No pics after this photos. 
Happy 8 months
We didn't get a picture climbing at AZ on the Rocks, but we did get a picture eating Sushi for lunch.  
I know we will definitely celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  It falls over memorial day weekend and we are already planning a trip to Havasupai or Zion.  And as you can tell from above, our outdoor adventure anniversaries are not exclusive.  Let us know if anyone wants to join us.

A Lesson in Flats

And I wish I was talking about flats-the shoe sort.  I wear a lot of those these days at work, but no. I have no lesson to share with you about shoes.  

Flat tire #1
Oregon summer of 2011.  Thankfully we got the flat while in the city before driving back to Utah.  I wish spent more time watching Jay change this tire.  We replaced all 4 tires in Oregon before heading back to Utah.  

Flat tire #2
Glendale AZ May 2012. Jay nicked a curb while parking the car.  This time we only had to replace one tire and it was covered under the warranty. 

Flat tire #3
Tucson AZ January 2013.  I was driving Jay's car and hit a pot hole.  HARD. I knew as soon as I hit it the tire was blown.  BOOO!

Jay was across town in a hospital based rotation and wasn't able to come help but my brother in law was able to get off work a little early to come help.  He was 45 min away, so while waiting I decided to get started.  I knew where the spare tire and  where the jack was stored.  I pulled those out of the car.  I was feeling confident and decided to get started.  I put the jack in the correct place and got the car a few inches off the ground.  I even texted Jay to let him know my progress and that I car the car jack but that I wasn't able to loosen the lug nuts on the car.  This was my first fail.  Jay got a good laugh out of the text.  I have since learned--loosen the lug nuts and then worry about using the jack.  Ahh-a lesson learn.  And hopefully not a lesson I will need to put into practice anytime soon.  While waiting for my brother in law, a nice man named Kevin pulled over to help me.  He informed me of my first mistake and lowered the car back to the ground.  And also my second mistake-pull the emergency brake before doing anything else.  And he took care of the rest.  The tire was changed and I was on my way before my brother in law had a chance to arrive.  

Unfortunately, I found out at the tire center the next day I had damaged the rim in the fiasco the day before.  UGH! If I had known, I would have driven home rather than be so careful in trying not to damage the rim.  Ordering a rim was $300 bucks and took a week to arrive.  

The spare on our car has had far more miles on it in the last 1 1/2 years than I think is safe.  I hope it stays locked up in the trunk for another 5 years.  

Our next car investment-a battery.  I am told in AZ cars burn through batteries about every 2 years.  We replaced Jay's battery in October.  Mine is up next.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

"This area is so full of life"--Jay

Can you guess what we did yesterday morning? 

If you guess spotted a wood duck, 3 javalinas and a dead snake you would be correct.

This beautiful (though stinky) spot is about 3 miles west of our house hidden behind a wall of trees and brush.  And Jay was correct.  It was full of life.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012. We are welcoming 2013

Highlights from 2012:
March 2012: a trip to Haiti with our favorite team from Utah County.

May 2012: a wedding in Portland Oregon

June 2012: Jay took Step 1 of boards and then we spent a week in the Dominican Republic with a team of 27 high school students.  We taught classes, painted, organized school supplies and played with the kids. I celebrated my 31st birthday.

July: We went on a cruise off the coast of California, and came home to a fully prepared open house in Provo, Utah. Jay celebrated his 28th birthday and started his first rotation of his 3rd year in Family Practice. We made a quick weekend trip to Zion National Park.
I let Jay remove a Lipoma from my hip and stitch me back up.  

August: I completed my graduate work at BYU! Jay started a surgery rotation.  We packed our bags and moved to Arizona.

September: Jay started his next family practice rotation with Dr Charani.  I took boards and passed.  I spent the month applying for jobs and licenses through the state of AZ.  I interviewed with Dr. Charani the day after Jay finished his rotation.

October 2012: I accepted a job with Dr. Charani in a family practice office.  Jay and I ran and completed the St George marathon with Julie Isaacson, Shelby and Lisa Brennan and Emily Robertson (the other emily robertson). Jay signed up for the Phoenix marathon with his brothers and sisters.  Jay completed his Psych rotation.  We got called to be Primary teachers for the 11 year olds.   We traveled to Chicago for a surgical conference.

November: Jay completed his pediatric rotation.  I started my new job. We hiked in Catalina State Park and Picacho Peak.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with Jay's family here in Tucson and enjoyed a Robertson tradition of dipping chocolates.  We both spoke in sacrament meeting the last Sunday of the month.

December: Jay started an office based internal medicine rotation.  We determined that Jay most likely broke his foot hiking Picacho peak and stopped running for 3 weeks.  (so much for marathon training.)  We bought our first Christmas tree and celebrated Christmas.  We ate Thai and Veitnamese food for Christmas eve dinner and hiked in Sabino Canyon (Blacketts Ridge) on Christmas day.  We welcomed Matt and Becky Mecham and their 3 daughters into our one bedroom apartment for a post Christmas visit.  The girls loved swimming every day.  Jay loved biking every day with Matt.  And I got to work every day :( We visited Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch with the Mechams.  I think this is the best kept secret in the Tucson area.  We enjoyed a monster truck ride and learned about raising ostrich.  Afterwards we fed the ostrich, goats, deer, ducks and lorikeets.  We spent Christmas eve at our respective work (Jay started a hospital based IM rotation), went for a short run and then celebrated with a few friends from church.

While we are sad to see that last year go, we are excited for the year ahead and the adventures to come.