Sunday, November 11, 2012

Romero Pools

While all of our friends were getting snowed on in Utah, we spent Saturday enjoying the outdoors.  Jay and I went for a 4 mile run (Jay started marathon training again), then watched Henry and Wes play soccer with the YMCA and then hiked to Romero Pools in Catalina State Park.  It was a beautiful hike and we timed it perfectly to watch the sun set as we were heading back down the mountain.  The best part-the company.  Mike, Jay's roommate from last year, and Jen are in Tucson for the month of November for medical school rotations.

We were glad we came prepared with long sleeves.  The temperature drops below 70 degrees here and suddenly I need layers to keep warm.  I know we can't complain and we won't get any sympathy from our friends and family in Utah.  We have yet to turn on our heat but I did wear a warm winter jacket and boots today and our thermostat outside said it was 55 degrees.