Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A little Zin and not so much Zen

Today is our 18 month anniversary.  Jay gave me a kiss as he left the house this morning at 5:30 for an ER shift in Phoenix.  I vaguely remember mumbling something.  Good-bye, maybe.  Drive safe.  It was pretty romantic.  I rolled over and went back to bed.  

 We "celebrated" last night (see the 1-8 above) by with dinner at Zinburger.  It's a heart attack waiting to happen so I guess it was only appropriate that Jay spent today in the Emergency Room.

a the breakfast burger complete with bacon, eggs, avocado and cheese
His first patient of the day was a code.  He drove past the accident/incident while driving to the hospital and the bagged the patient for duration of the code in the ER.  Additionally his patients included a few lacerations, a ruptured appy, threatened miscarriage, bowel obstructions, and ...you get the picture.  Meanwhile back  in Pima County, I took care of a few sick patients too, but thankfully not that sick. I celebrated by getting done at work before 4pm and going to the gym for a 90 min cardio/core work out. (Pre-thanksgiving work out).

We were lucky enough to celebrate at Zinburger with Jay's brother James and wife Emily (pictured below) and his sister Emily and husband Ben (not pictured).

I guess we did get some Zen moments with out their 6 kids there.