Sunday, August 10, 2014


I've never been one to freak out over bugs.  I can handle a spider here or a cockroach there, though I really hated how often those cockroaches appeared in our bathroom in Tucson.  However, we had a spider infestation on our hands.  Our front entryway, and all of our neighbors entryways were covered in cobwebs.  I would clean them up and two days later cobwebs were everywhere.  We rarely use our front door, but one evening after dark I went out on the porch and there were hundreds of spiders that came out to play.  I started spraying them down with hairspray.  The internet said it would make it so they couldn't breathe and die.  False.  That did not work.  A neighbor walking by offered her cigarette lighter.  This frightened me a little, I mean our porch is made of wood and I had just emptied my hairspray bottle on these guys.  This merely burned there webs but did little to kill them.  We got a little help from Home Depot and used almost a gallon of bug killer to spray down the front entryway, the garage and the basement.  These pictures do not do justice to the magnitude of the situation.  

one of three wasps nests that we found on our exterior windows.  
good aim
even the bushes were covered.  the webs showed up better on the green than against the white fence. 

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